Mercedes-Benz CLS 500 reviews

Mercedes-Benz CLS 500 reviews

Without wondering how and where, I just bought this device, and by chance a person who urgently needed money! Suspension (pneumatic) for 80-120 thousand cylinders fail (40 each can be found) compressor every 50 thousand (repair 27 thousand rubles) the box for the motor is rather weak 120 thousand (repair 120-170 as agreed) you can change the oil to start (9 thousand) after a couple of three thousand kilometers, change again. if the box is not "saved" you will have to repair (I’m lucky) The windshield is too low, the stones are constantly broken! Kelles-go – it’s buggy for everyone, so in the end, only the factory works with the CPC button (pillows) the wire in the steering wheel is frayed (rem kit 3 thousand plus work) The suspension itself is tenacious, enough for 60-80 thousand km, and, in principle, not expensive (for the whole I gave about 60 plus similarity) Bottom line: for 2 years of owning this miracle of design thought, I laid out at least 450 pieces (new logan) 😉 Spoke with the fans of the Mercedes, they say a penny! Well, for me, no. From the entire tenure, about a month in services! TIRED! leaked for a spear and bought a new Audi! Although I confess, the field of this car with the name, status, comfort and design, it is very difficult to change to another car! Good luck on the road!

06/03/2012 Without any idea how and where, I just bought this device, and by chance from a person who urgently needed cash! more

Hello everyone! A little about my cars: the first car in 2005 was a five-year-old Focus, which was a gift from my father for my 18th birthday, on which my car hardening and formation was))) I already earned money for the next car, it took three years, in In 2008, he became the owner of a 2001 Camry, then there was a 2004 Celica, a 2005 Audi A3, a 2007 Astra GTC. In 2012, he decided to take his CLS. Since the money for it was and liked it and only he. Yes, I didn’t like the word, I wanted it madly. I found a CLS500 2006, 950 thousand rubles, mileage 110,000 km. I became the third owner, the general condition is 4, the service book with the last mark was only in 2010, which was further only from the words. By the way, the mileage is hardly twisted, since in 2010 it was 60,000 km, I don’t think that more than 50,000 km were dashed off in 2 years. I didn’t do anything right away, it wasn’t before. I only did dry cleaning of the interior, I can’t do it differently. I’ll say this for the car. This is a bomb. In general, the CLS is a wonderful car, made on the basis of the E class, but has a more luxurious interior, and still looks very expensive, for me it is even more expensive than the more representative S class. Chicks follow with interest; some passers-by and some owners look enviously through the windows. Whatever one may say, the car attracts attention to itself. Pleasant! Salon quality, quiet as a mausoleum, even at speed. Everything is done very expensively and one might say luxuriously. Lots of adjustments for everything. I must say that I rode an E class, so
the difference is very big, and that that one base of a role does not play. Rides great, accelerates in seconds. And how the hell is it nice to feel that you control the acceleration of a 5 liter engine, and what a sound. mmmm. The steering wheel is moderately sharp, as on most, with increasing speed, they fill with heaviness. The responses are lightning fast, bravo Mercedes! The brakes are still good, they don’t tan and don’t overheat, I braked a couple of times from 200 km, as if rooted to the spot. Pneuma suspension, everything is clear here, you sail like on a ship. The average consumption is 16 – 17 liters, with active driving all 20 is easy. The compressor died at 120,000 km, and at the same time I decided to service the car)) total: compressor – 18,000 rubles, front pads / discs (Bosch, original) – 22,000 rubles, Engine oil change, all filters, oil in the box – 20,000 rubles, silent blocks – 7,000 rubles. I didn’t do anything else, but they said that soon it would be necessary to change the pneumatic cylinders. I sold the car in June, with a mileage of 135,000 km, did nothing else in it, sold for 900,000 rubles. The car is great, but a good friend was selling his date, ideally with the whole history and for nice money, as he dumps abroad for a long time. I couldn’t help but buy it, by the way, the car is also not bad, but about it another time. About the CLS, I’ll say this, the car is excellent: luxurious, comfortable and at the same time more than frisky, in general, it’s a Mercedes! But, this car is not for every day, but I drove it every day, and I can say there is little pleasure in winter, very low, impractical, the same
glass freezes, everything is clear. But for the summer is a great option! I think that in a couple of years I will definitely buy something similar, but only as a second car.

07/03/2013 Hello everyone! A little about my cars: the first car in 2005 was a five-year-old Focus donated by my father for my 18th birthday, on which my car was tempered.

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