Tuition fees for Modern Language WIYA students

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Tuition fees

The University of St Andrews operates a credits-based tuition fee policy which is consistent across all programmes and cohorts and therefore also applies to students studying or working abroad.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you inform your funding body of your intention to go abroad. Please be aware that your funding body may not provide a tuition fee grant for full tuition fees. Whether or not you receive, or indeed are entitled to receive, funding support for tuition fees is a matter for you and the relevant funding body.

Tuition fees for study abroad students

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If you participate in an undergraduate Study Abroad programme you will be charged your normal tuition fee for a full academic year, whether you spend a full year abroad or one semester in St Andrews and one semester abroad.

If you apply for tuition fees from the installment loans online Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) and are spending either the full academic year abroad or one semester abroad, a full tuition fee grant is available from SAAS.

If you participate in a 60 credit Modern Languages WIYA (Integrated Year Abroad) programme you will be charged half your normal tuition fee for the academic year.

Tuition fees for external placement students (Biology and Chemistry only)

If you participate in a Biology or Chemistry External Placement programme, you will be charged your normal tuition fee for a full academic year.

Russian language undergraduate studies (RLUS)

If you participate in an RLUS Programme for one semester, you will be charged half your normal fee for that semester and full fee for your other semester. You will also be liable for RLUS fees for the semester you spend in Russia.

The Global Office does not yet have clarity on the tuition fee arrangements from SLC for RUK students participating in full year study abroad and work placements in the academic year 2021-2022. However, we anticipate that, based on the funding available in previous years, students studying or working abroad or in the UK for the full academic year, will only be able to borrow a half tuition fee loan from SLC.

The University of St Andrews is committed to supporting and enhancing study and work abroad opportunities for all students. In the context of current restrictions on tuition fee loan funding for RUK students spending the full 2021-2022 academic year on a study or external work placement, students within this category are eligible to apply to the University for a needs-based tuition fee scholarship to a maximum of ?3,600 (please note that the maximum scholarship amount is determined by the fact that SAAS-funded students must also pay ?910 tuition for external placements in Biology and Chemistry – please see above for further details).

At the bottom of the page you will be asked to Start Application’ please complete each of the boxes.

You do not need to complete these steps in order and you can save your application and return at any time.

As part of the application, you will be asked to upload a short personal statement outlining your reasons for applying for the Scholarship. You should also provide a recent bank statement as indicated on the application form.

Students participating in a study or work abroad programme for the full academic year through either the Erasmus+ or Turing programmes are eligible for tuition fee funding in addition to monthly mobility funding. The effect of this additional funding is that your tuition fee liability will be reduced to ?1,385. Please note that the reduced tuition fee is applicable only if you participate in the full year placement if you are undertaking two separate study or work abroad placements over the year, it is important that you complete each of them to retain eligibility for this, and if you participate in a full-year placement, this must be of a minimum seven-month duration. Withdrawal from or shortening of your placement activity will affect your eligibility.

US Federal Loans

If you normally apply for a US Federal Loan, you should contact the US Loans Team at as early as possible to discuss your funding options.

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